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AngelWinks Secret Pal
Post Card Shoppe

Welcome to my "Secret Pal" Card Shoppe. I've made a Special
room just for these special cards. Please feel free to browse through
each room to find just the right card. These cards are for those of you that would like to send a greeting of love or encouragement or just thinking of you..without the sender knowing who it's from. You will Not receive a notice that they've picked up their card...for you won't be filling in your own name or e-mail address. I hope that you like these cards...and use them to send those Special people a little 'pat on the back' for all the wonderful things they've done. If you like these Secret Pal cards....please let me know and I'll add more. Thanks! They're free so please send as many as you'd like!

Secret Pal 1
Secret Pal 2
Secret Pal 3
Secret Pal 4
Secret Pal 5
Secret Pal 6
Secret Pal 7
Secret Pal 8

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This candle burns for all the sweet Angels ....
Who are no longer with us.

I want to thank My Postcards Network for giving
me the opportunity to have this post card shop! .... Angel